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Amazing Clowns Carnival Supplies Rides and Games Rental

Amazing Clowns offers a number of CARNIVAL AMUSEMENTS that can be incorporated into your children’s birthday party or special event or can be rented for you to use for your Carnival, School Fundraiser, Corporate Retreat, Holiday Party, Wedding Reception, Baptism, Meeting, Dance Party, Graduation Party or Banquet in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Centennial Hills, and all across Southern Nevada.

With our Carnival Trailer and Carnival Midway Amazing Clowns will bring the carnival to your event! The Carnival Midway includes a Carnival Booth and Awning, your choice of 4 Carnival Games, 2 operators, Fun Prizes, and a state of the art sound system for the low price of $500. for 4 hours!
Carnival Trailer with games
For an additional fee Amazing Clowns can provide an emcee to heighten the pace of your Carnival and direct the fun and games!

Carnival Rides: Large Ferris Wheel, Small Ferris Wheel, Hampton Ride, Swing Ride, Trains.

NOW ALSO: FIRETRUCK RENTAL - Interactive Summer Fun - 2 Hours for $500. with attendant.
(MC, Prize give away, Squirt Gun Fun, Hula Hoop Dance Contest, incl. Water Balloons and more.)
Fire Truck will spray your kids down with cool mist.
Fire Truck Fire Truck

Click on Image to Enlarge

Large Ferris Wheel Large Ferris Wheel Double seats, Large Ferris Wheel
Small Ferris Wheel   
Pictures Above:
Ferris Wheel Small (Single Seats) Up to 80 pounds per seat
Ferris Wheel Large (Double Seats) Up to 170 pounds per 2 seats. (Picture on left) 
(Large Ferris Wheel requires 240 Volts hook up w/plugs on a spider box)
Size Approx. 15 x 20 Radius (with fences)
Hampton Ride Hampton Ride Hampton Ride
Pictures Above: Hampton Umbrella Ride, Size Approx. 35 x 35  Radius (with fences)
Red Train  Red Train
Pictures Above and Below:
Trackless Train (Engine plus carts) Seats approx. 16 children. Adults are welcome to ride.
Can drive on most surfaces: Grass, Concrete or Rocks.
Silver Train  alt=  
Pictures Below: Swing Ride
Swing Ride  Swing Ride
Pictures Below:  Carnival Trailer $750. for 4 hours. (With Games inside of the Trailer)
(Includes: 4 Carnival Games, 2 Operators, Fun Prizes and a State-of-the-art Sound System)
Carnival Trailer Carnival Trailer with games Carnival Trailer with Milk Can Toss 
Pictures Below: Carnival Midway Booth: $500. for 4 hours.
(Includes: 4 Carnival Games, 2 Operators, Fun Prizes and a State-of-the-art Sound System)
Carnival Midway Booth Carnival Midway Booth with Fishing Game Milk Bottle Knock Down Toss
Pictures Below: Individual Carnival Games
:Amazing Clowns Spin and Win WheelMoney Grabber  Clown Kiddie High Striker Adult Mega High Striker
Ring Toss     Roll A Ball Game Roll A Ball Game
 Raffle Drum Strong Man Photo Opp Board Clown Photo Opp Board
Water Squirt Guns Water Fishing Game Water Hungry Sea Creatures Water Lucky Duck

Amazing Clowns Carnival, Train and Large 3 in 1
Amazing Clowns Train 
*An Emcee will direct the Fun and Carnival Games for $175 per hour 

Rental Item



Dunk Tank $250 (all day)
Large Ferris Wheel $750 (3 hours with attendant)
Small Ferris Wheel $500 (3 hours with attendant)
Trackless Train $500 (3 hours with attendant)
Swing Ride $500 (3 hours with attendant)
Hampton Swing Ride $1,500 (5 hours with attendant)
Generator (with gas for approximately 2-3 hours)
Attendant to operate Carnival Games starting at $25.00 per hour

Carnival Games

Roll a Ball $50 all day
Putt Golf $50 all day
Catch the Lucky Duck $50 all day
Catch the Winning Fish $50 all day
Hungry Sea Creatures $50 all day
Squirt Gun Game $75 all day
Octopus Bean Bag Toss Game $50 all day
Milk Bottle Knock Down Toss $50 all day
Candy Game $50 all day
Raffle Drum $75 all day
Spin and Win Wheel $100 all day

Adult Mega High Striker
12 ft high, 10 x 10 diameter
Base is 4' x 4'

$200 all day
Clown Kiddie High Striker
7 ft high, 5 x 5 diameter
$100 all day
Dollar Bill Catcher $200 all day
Ring toss $50 all day
Milk Can Toss $50 all day

$30. Fee Includes delivery, set up and pick up for items under $100.
$20. Fee Includes delivery, set up and pick up for items over $100.
To deliver to a Park there will be an additional $20. fee

Weather Clause: We are happy to reserve the equipments for your event however the weather is beyond
our control. So it is our clients responsibility to meet our cancellation policy.


1. A booking has to be made and deposit and/or full payment is required especially for last minute bookings. We won't prepare equipments unless payment is made.

2. We require 1-2 forms of ID (a valid driver's license or state ID) for the person that made the booking and/or picking up the equipment, copy of a credit/debit card (regardless of whether the booking will be paid with a card or with Cash) and proof of address (utility bill or vehicle insurance information)

3. Customer (s) picking up equipments are responsible to load and unload the rental. We do not provide dolly. If you asked for assistance and we provide it, client will hold Amazing Clowns harmless from any liabilities.

4. If equipments are not returned in time or as scheduled, client will be charged as regular rental.

5. The cancellation policy applies for customer pick up.  

Amazing Clowns Cancellation Policy:
1. For immediate cancellation, a day after the booking was made,
Amazing Clowns, Inc retains $25.00 of the deposit.
2. Of a $100.00 deposit, only $50.00 can be refunded for parties
or bookings cancelled at least 2 weeks before the event.
3. We retain $50.00 of any deposit or payment made if the booking
is cancelled at least 2 weeks before the event.
4. No refund will be given if the party or booking is cancelled
on the week of the event.  
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